CertAssist™ is the best training software I have used. The customization within the system to track CT Police training is spot on. They really have a well thought out product that makes tracking training effortless.

East Windsor Police Department

We have been using Telepartner Mobile Assist for years. The improvements that have been made over the years have turned it into software that was nice to have to a tool that is a necessity. All the information that our Officers need is at their fingertips; preplan, hazardous materials, contact information, routing, hydrant locations….etc. We no longer have to rely on outdated “run books” for our information, with the integration of Firehouse and our CAD, we have the most current up to date information available immediately. Deputy Chief James Nolan, Shaker Pines Fire Department.

Deputy Chief James Nolan, Shaker Pines Fire Department

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