MobileAssist™ Regional Mobile Client Platform

Telepartner MobileAssist™ Benefits and Features

MobileAssist™ is Telepartner’s Powerful mobile CAD client. It can be used by Police, Fire, or EMS users, with several unique features especially useful for Fire users. It is browser based, allowing it to run on virtually any platform (Android, iPad, or Windows based tablets or any PC). This map centric tool is a powerful and rich real-time display of what is happening, with two-way communications built in. And our client is “CAD Agnostic”, meaning you don’t have to use our CAD to use our powerful MobileAssist™ client. We make interfacing to virtually any CAD vendor’s data very easy, with minimal effort required by the CAD vendor.

Rich Regional Data Sharing Features
Our approach provides easy access on a mobile device to Dispatch status and details, AVL location of units, one-click access to Preplans, real-time hydrant status displayed on the map, and other mapping layers of multiple agencies in one place. Once integrated and deployed, you control what other towns who also use our MobileAssist™ product can see of your information. Regional data sharing is a key architectural component of this product. There are often several other agencies with which you provide or receive Mutual Aid. If these other agencies also participate with Telepartner MobileAssist™, then each can see each other’s calls, units/status, AVL, Preplan, and Hydrant information at the click of a button. Whatever you can see, you can allow other agencies to see as well. You control how much of your information is shared, and with whom.

Real-time Dispatch information
Our users report that they often see the call details on their screen moments before the tones and details come over the radio. Our real-time interface is flexible and can be made to work with third party Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems purely through reading the dispatch system’s database. For read-only access, it often requires no changes to any of the CAD Vendor’s code.

Real-time Hydrants
We not only show you where your hydrants are on the map, we offer a component that lets you mark hydrants offline and back online again. This can be integrated right into the application in the field, so your personnel can mark a hydrant out of service. You can also make this feature available to your Water or Public Works agency. When they bring a hydrant in service or out of service, this gets reflected immediately on the map in the field. Alternatively, we can offer an API to integrate with their existing system. We are extremely flexible in offering different ways to keep track of hydrant statuses.

Telepartner has integrated with Firehouse Preplan to pull address specific preplan information from their database and display it at the click of a button in our application. We can make this information available to any other agency that also uses our MobileAssist™ technology. Don’t use Firehouse for Preplan? We can create an interface to your preplan data as well.

AVL – Vehicle locations on the map
Telepartner has expertise with GPS reporting modems, especially those from Sierra Wireless™ as well as the ability to receive GPS location data from tablets such as the Apple iPad™ and Android based devices. Live location data can be seen on a map and in table format, and playback features are available as well.

When responding to a call, especially for Mutual Aid in a town you may not be familiar with, a single click will get you routing/directions. On the iPad, you will be directed to the Maps application and can receive turn by turn directions.

Measuring Tool
You can use our measuring tool to map out ways to lay your fire hoses to ensure they will reach where they need to go while avoiding obstacles viewed on the map. An invaluable tool to make sure your hose is going to reach the fire.

Simplified Integration
Telepartner has perfected the art of interfacing with different Dispatch systems, Preplan databases, and AVL reporting devices. If a Dispatch system keeps its state in a modern relational database (as all do) then Telepartner can simply query its state and take the appropriate action when it changes.  For read-only interfaces this is all you need.

Want buttons in the mobile client to automatically update the status of units in your CAD?  We have a flexible API for that as well.  We can call a .NET DLL you or your vendor writes based on our interface, or we can create a custom interface that will call your CAD system’s API to request status updates on behalf of the mobile user.

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