AVL Tracking and Playback

AVL Tracking and Playback Benefits and Features

Many agencies already integrate AVL data into their CAD system, so dispatchers can see in real-time where their resources are. By integrating with Telepartner’s AVL Tracking server, you get the same benefits, plus more. Once integrated, unit locations become available for displaying on our Mobile Assist mobile client map. The customer determines, based on user roles and privileges, who gets to see what AVL data.

Regional Benefits
There are regional benefits, as you can also specify users from other jurisdictions and agencies the privilege to see where your units are. This can be incredibly useful during larger emergencies, allowing a regional EOC to visualize where units from multiple cooperating agencies are located.

Want to see where a certain unit was during a particular time period? Our software makes it very easy to select the unit and timeframe and see its path on a map. Playback is available, indicating the unit’s exact location and speed at each report stored.

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