Heartbeat CAD

Heartbeat CAD Benefits and Features

HEARTBEAT Computer-Aided Dispatch provides cutting edge technology to dispatchers so that the public safety departments of your municipality will be at the right place, with the right manpower, ready to help. And they’ll be there in a heartbeat.


  • A single CAD installation can support multiple municipalities, and multiple departments within each, supporting combined or regional dispatch centers.


  • Dedicated Call Taker, Dispatch, and Query screens.
  • Configure users to have just one function (call taker, dispatcher) or all functions for smaller operations.
  • Fully integrated with third party scripted call taking software such as Powerphone and Priority Dispatch
  • Easy screen navigation
  • Multi-view and real time maps provide caller location, incident location, and available response units
  • Situational and event-waiting notifications
  • Timers to notify when units are in particular status for too long


  • Call taker can specify to dispatch one or more departments (Police, Fire, EMS) from the same call.
  • Dispatch, relocation, and return solutions for all public safety units based on events happening throughout the municipality.


  • Provides comprehensive data via interfaces with 911 Call Handling, GIS, AVL, MDT, COLLECT, and other applications
  • Integrated with Firehouse notification services such as Locution
  • Real time tracking of responding units
  • Unit recommendation based on type and geographical availability
  • Targets specific addresses for special responses
  • Configurable reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Interfaces with CT:CHIEF and virtually any other third party RMS systems
  • Integration interfaces with downstream reporting systems such as Firehouse and other third party Fire, Police, and EMS reporting systems.
  • Alert system and display when a tagged location is dispatched
  • Towing Module supports on request as well as managed rotational towing with multiple rotation definition support

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