MuniTicket™ – Municipal Parking and Ordinance Violation Ticket Management System

Why use our MuniTicket™ software?

Every town has their own local parking and other ordinances. Local police enforcement usually means issuing a notice of violation, often hand-written, and placed under the windshield wiper or other safe place, or handed to the offender. But what happens next? First MuniTicket™ helps streamline the basic paper ticket process, and then it offers so much more.

The basic paper ticket management process includes:

  • Entering paper tickets into MuniTicket™ easily and efficiently
  • Documenting and managing an appeal process
  • Recording payments
  • Management Dashboard showing outstanding ticket summaries, appeal processing, and delinquency summary

MuniTicket™ also provides the following important additional features:

  • Officer ticket entry and printing
    Officers in cruisers can “write” a ticket directly into MuniTicket™, much more quickly than hand writing it, and simply print it on the printer in the vehicle. No additional entry is required by records.
  • Automated Payment Processing 
    Offenders can be directed to our payment web page where they can conveniently pay their fine online with their credit card.  Fully integrated, tickets are marked as paid as soon as a payment is successfully processed.
  • Delinquency letters and statements
    Unpaid violations eventually trigger generation of a delinquency letter addressed to the owner of the vehicle.  Monthly or quarterly statements can be generated as well.
  • DMV Notification
    When a vehicle has multiple unpaid municipal tickets, the DMV can be asked to place a hold on the registration renewal process until the tickets are paid. MuniTicket™ will automate this process.

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