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Telepartner Services


System Design

Telepartner has been involved in the design of a number of complex computer systems for commercial and government organizations. These projects include the design of our TeleServer Message Switch that is capable of managing very large scale mobile data communications using a highly structured role based architecture. This implementation allows the System Administrators to balance the delegation of responsibilities in a manner that best suites the needs of all involved parties.

Telepartner has been very involved with the requirements collection and design specification of a state-of-the art Computer Aided Dispatch system for medium to large scale public safety organizations.

Embedded Technologies

Over the cousre of time Teleparner has developed a number of technologies which have been successfully integrated into large-scale computer systems. These technologies are well suited for use in similar environments and thus are available with either minimal support or full scale integration services. The following are some of these offerings.

  • Phone based NCIC access - simple query / response interface with full security and audit features
  • Electronic Software Distribution - Delivery and installation of application updates to dispersed mobile user communities
  • Wireless modem inventory management - inspects remote hardware configurations and updates a central database with current equipment and software configurations.
  • Instant Message Services -  integrated client and server applications based on industry standard open source Jabber XMPP protocols.


Legacy Products

TeleServer Message Switch

TeleServer® Message Switch provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of supporting mobile law enforcement agents over different types of media including Local Area Networks (LAN), radio systems, and internet connections. It enables law enforcement agencies to communicate with users with just the right degree of service that a particular application calls for. This can range from no knowledge of the type of link to complete control of the communications session. It also provides the following critical capabilities: ease of use, network management, good performance, guaranteed message delivery, and standard programming interfaces.

When used in conjunction with the mobile client public safety application, law enforcement agents are able to easily exchange timely information about incidents, accidents, arrests, and warrants, and the people involved in them.

Electronic Software Distribution

TeleServer Synchrony Service automatically communicates with the mobile client application and determines on an application by application basis what updates, if any, are queued. Should an update be scheduled, TeleServer initiates the transfer of the new data, minimizing transmission to only the changed data. Should this transfer be interrupted for any reason, when it resumes, the system will begin again where the last successful transfer was completed, thus avoiding expensive duplicate retransmissions. 


Mainframe to desktop/laptop file compression. Provides the ability to integrate compression functions to legacy applications (CICS / TSO) in order to reduce transfer time and costs.