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Telepartner International Inc.

Telepartner International is a leading provider of high-performance data communications products and services for remote and mobile computing. In recent years, the company has focused a significant amount of its resources on the wireless data communications market as it relates to the public safety community. Projects have ranged from developing management systems for a state-wide regional mobile data system to getting involved with the intricacies of DOJ interfaces to national CJIS networks.

Founded in 1985, Telepartner International was one of the first companies to deliver high-performance connectivity products for the remote and mobile corporate worker. Telepartner has its product origins at The Travelers Insurance Company where two of Telepartner's principals developed an affordable alternative for micro-to-mainframe ASYNC communications. This software became the company's first product, PACKET/3270®, an SNA 3270 emulator, which has become a leader in the market with thousands of users at hundreds of companies worldwide.

The complexity of remote data communications and networking makes it difficult for organizations to put together consistent wireless MDT systems. Organizations are looking for a one-stop remote outsourcing provider to support their remote and mobile users. Telepartner’s offering answers the needs of these agencies by providing a single-source for everything from remote access software to system design, hardware selection and acquisition, to implementation and on-going maintenance and support.