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Telepartner International Inc.

Telepartner International is a leading provider of Public Safety software, communication services, and support.  

Founded in 1985 providing remote and mobile telecommunications software and services, Telepartner has worked very closely in Connecticut since 1998 with the Capitol Region Council of Governments, or "CRCOG", providing software solutions for Police, Fire, and EMS users for a diverse set of the region's public safety organizations. 

Telepartner worked closely with CRCOG and especially the towns of Hartford, New Britain, and Bridgeport to document specifications for the state-of-the-art Heartbeat CAD and CTChief RMS software systems, which recently became Telepartner’s responsibility to support, maintain, and enhance. Telepartner has worked closely with dozens of public safety organizations around the state of CT, and has a deep appreciation for what these organizations need and look for in their software systems. 

Integration is a specialty, with robust and reliable interfaces COLLECT V2, the state of CT for NIBRS reporting, CJIS/CISS for early arrest reporting, CIB for eCitation submission, and UCONN for statutory traffic stop reporting.   

Telepartner has expertise in all aspects of mobile computing, including modem and network support, AVL data collection, recording, playback, mapping, tablets and other mobile platforms (including the iPad) and more. 

Our GIS expertise helps us integrate your GIS/map data both for display and for integration with CAD and mobile applications for geocoding and calculating response plans. 

The best part of relying on Telepartner soutions is our stellar reputation providing courteous, fast, and knowledgeable development and support services for our products and for all of your custom software integration or development needs. 

In addition to our responsibilities related to the Heartbeat CAD and CTChief, Telepartner is a regional mobile solution provider, especially for Fire departments. Telepartner has interfaces with many of the Dispatch vendors in Connecticut. Our mobile architecture makes it easy to interface with any CAD vendor's software.  Our Mobile Assist software makes sharing CAD and Preplan information with mutual and automatic aid responders one click away.  

Telepartner listens to its community of users, adding functionality that puts critically important information in front of the user in one place with minimal user interaction. This is why we have so many satisfied customers!