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Mar 3

Written by: dkimball
3/3/2010 9:59 AM 

With the rapid growth in data traffic over the cell network, there are bound to be network related issues. On occassion, the tower itself may be failing. The challenge is pinpointing the problem.

Recent experience leads us to believe that there are ocassional network problems related to specific cell towers. The impact of these problems can be quite limited and transient, or on ocassion, problematic over a period of time.

Take the case where police officers with GSM mobile data modems complain of repeated communications problems in a specific geographical area. When you visit the area, everything works fine. Signal strength is good. Your connection never drops. You close the problem, and the next day the users repeat the complaint, service in the area is poor.

If you know every tower the modem connects to and when every failure occurs, you may see a pattern. By combining log records from multiple computers and sorting the network failures by tower, and CellID, a pattern can emerge. A call to the carrier with this information in hand can result in the carrier confirming the problem, or if necessary sending a field technician out to investigate.




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