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Feb 28

Written by: dkimball
2/28/2012 2:18 AM 

 The simple answer is, we haven't been able to find an implementation for GeoLocate for any cellular data modems. There have been some hints that someone somewhere has made an attempt, but we can't find any real offerings. And not all of teh browsers expose an API if one would want to implement the interface.

Our need was to access GPS data form a local WAN attached MP890 modem and update the user's position on a map as they moved. We wanted to avoid sending the user's GPS data to the server to minimize network traffic. And this had to work on all browsers!

The solution was to use jsonp. We developed a JavaScript application that accesses the data and updates the map. Problem solved.

Though there is a footnote. jsonp can create significant memory usage. We ended up spending almost as much time dealing with (and solving) the memory leak as we did building the modem interfaces.


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