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Feb 4

Written by: dkimball
2/4/2010 6:06 PM 

Over the past twenty plus years we've been involved with innovative methods of connecting remote and mobile workers with useful electronic information.

At first, that meant sales staff in South America or Asia trying to keep current with home office events, before the advent of the Internet. Interesting times those were when a phone call bill might easily exceed hotel or travel costs. Public packet networks (do you recall X.25?) were the path of choice. They were ubiquitous and very reasonably priced.

Funny, we witnessed the Internet's birth first hand, and in the dark. First hand because we had a small contract with DOD to port a product to the very early Darpa networks for the US Army. In the dark, because we didn't realize the consequence of what we were part of. I remember seeing a prototype of the first browser and being told that I could click on a word and see a picture. Very heady stuff in the late 80's.


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