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Author: dkimball Created: 2/5/2010 7:04 PM
Thought on the application of mobile technology in the public safety arena.

With the rapid growth in data traffic over the cell network, there are bound to be network related issues. On occassion, the tower itself may be failing. The challenge is pinpointing the problem.


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Organizations that deploy hundreds and thousands of devices dependent upon WAN communications have access to a rather meager set of network diagnostic tools. Often contact with the carrier begins at a rather basic level, where the intital question can be "Is it plugged in?" Only after you've completed a litany of questions pertaining to the environment and your identity do you begin to discuss the problem.

There are ways to be better prepared to work with the carriers to solve WAN related problems.


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Over the past twenty plus years we've been involved with innovative methods of connecting remote and mobile workers with useful electronic information.

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